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Mapping My World: Leveraging a model of my PLN

One of my favorite sessions at ASTD ICE 2014 (#ASTD2014) this year was Dan Gallagher’s presentation about the Self-Aware Leader. One of his four pillars of such leadership is an Above Average Support System & Network. He also discussed the importance of giving, in which he uses a concept model titled The Generosity Quotient™. This model is a wonderful illustration for that above average support network, and I immediately started applying it to my own network.


The Generosity Quotient (TM) from the Self-Aware Leader by Gallagher and Costal, 2012

I love to fidget with concept models (Thanks for that link, Tricia Ransom!). Considering the origin of this model, I am considering both how I can leverage this model to strengthen my PLN to get more learning, and to stretch my informal leadership skills by giving more learning. Here is a partial map of my Personal Learning Network (PLN).


Map of My PLN

Not everyone in my PLN fits perfectly into this model, and it is exactly that issue which led me to some additional insights.

For example, there are people who primarily offer me ideas and support. They don’t fit conveniently on the matrix, so I made up a new category – supporting catalysts. I am formally asking these people to fill that role in my network – I want them to know that they are sparking my interest just by doing what they do, and I want to interact with them more frequently. This makes sense – if my passions are to provide others with support and ideas, then those people who do both for me are going to stand out – they are the people who can show me how to do what I do better.

I am developing myself so that I can help other people grow. When I consider the flow of support both to and from me, I immediately recognized people who I give my time, support, and ideas to. (I hereby resolve to give more of all of these things!) Opportunity seems like an untapped chance for me to expand on my outreach. Learning Rebel Shannon Tipton showed me one way to provide opportunity when she asked me to contribute to her blog.

So it may not be a perfect fit, but this model does give me a solid tool to organize my thoughts around. I’m using it as a map to help me reinforce old relationships and foster new relationships as I proceed with my “Now What” plan from #ASTD2014.


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