Now What? This!

Learning Rebel Shannon Tipton featured my story in her blog today about the afterglow of ASTD ICE 2014. In her blog article, she says that the most important thing she did at the conference this year was to connect with old friends and make new friends. She says she feels “rejuvenated and recharged and in general ready to tackle the world again.” That is exactly how I feel too. And in this week of recovery, when I’m processing the experience and trying to pick up my life where I left it before the conference, I’m all too aware of how delicate this feeling is.

As Shannon says, “We all need that buddy, that friend, that person with whom to vent about the little things (and big things) that pop up.” So one of my post-conference resolutions is to connect with at least one person each day that I saw at the conference. Not just say hi, but actually offer an article I know will interest them, ask a question particular to their expertise, or otherwise involve them in my Personal Learning Network. Because Learning is what energizes me and keeps me positive, and with a little effort, maybe I can help you stay recharged too!


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2 Responses to Now What? This!

  1. Hi Valerie

    Thanks for the mentions in your blog. Great idea to not just connect, but to connect with purpose. We forget to do that, thinking that a “howdy twitterverse” is enough. I’m going to take your idea and use it. I certainly have room to improve in this area too. To that point, I suggest, of course, reading my blog the remainder of the week to gather ideas. but also check out a useful article on mindset – we all need a mindset adjustment from time to time, right? Mindsets:…

    • ImagiRaven

      That is a great recommendation, Shannon. The link didn’t come through, but here it is: Mindsets. Interestingly, I heard Carol Dweck’s name for the first time about 2 weeks ago, and many times since. She is on my short list of people I need to learn more about. I’ve always been puzzled by people who remain in the “fixed” mindset – I’m too busy learning to stay static. But when I get tired, I know my “growth” mindset can lag a bit. Another mindset pairing that interests me is what I term as “inward-focused” versus “outward-focused.” My life is always happier and more interesting when I’m outwardly focused. Something for me to blog about another day.